Environmental Remediation

The highly regulated environmental remediation industry requires a knowledgeable and experienced team to assess, plan and restore the area according to constantly evolving guidelines. Tepa EC’s team has a demonstrated record of accountability and expertise in ensuring existing and potential hazards are identified, eliminated and managed during and after remediation. Among our remediation specialties:

  • Hazardous and solid waste management and recycling

  • Site investigations and characterizations

  • Emergency oil, chemical and biohazard spill response and clean-up

  • Water and wastewater sampling

  • Toxic material sampling, management (EPRCA) and annual reporting

  • UST/AST support

  • Air, dust and water sampling

  • Remediation systems:

    • Construction

    • Remediation Systems Operations and Management (O&M)

  • Natural and cultural conservation

  • Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP)



For environmental remediation questions, please contact:

Steve Hvizdzak, PG
President, Construction Services Division
General Manager, Tepa EC Steve.Hvizdzak@Tepa.com
(478) 273-2258